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Focus on:
◊ revive and fwatch
◊ player's nick
◊ setup a dedicated server

Extended details about:
◊ missions
◊ players and medals

Meaning of the columns:
» COUNTER = donwloaded times;
» TYPE = type of the file;
» FILE = file to download;
» BYTES = expected dimension;
» ABOUT = short description;

Each file has the sha-1 checksum.
Use a program, or get mine, to check the file after the download and be sure it isn't corrupted. Comparing the dimension is not enough.

8utilitysha1sum.zip8.244For the checksum
19addoneditor103.zip179.651Editor Update 103 by Mikero
11programfwatch-1_0d.zip357.597Fwatch 1.0d by Kegetys
8programofpstat-1_0_23.zip51.889OFPStat 1.0.23 by j0e
10programofpstat-1_0_25.zip52.909OFPStat 1.0.25 by j0e
38scripts packj0e_pack-1_0_31.zip31.514Release 1.0.31
27maps sourcesjrc9-1st-x15.zip3.184.357My first x15 revised missions
18maps sourcesjrc9-2nd-x5.zip393.100My second x5 revised missions
5maps in pbojrc9-pbo_maps-x20.zip3.640.576All my x20 compiled maps
28configserver_config.zip1.966Configuration files used with my server
12dllmsvbvm50.zip699.424Visual Basic VM
4ocxcomctl32_ocx.zip234.494Windows Common Controls ActiveX

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