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From the oldest (bottom) to the lastest (top), the most relevant events concerning the site and the server:

25/06/2012 ~ Site ~ Download area.
Created the download area.

08/06/2012 ~ Server ~ Down till further notice.
I'm sorry. In this moment I cannot spend time on the server, so it will stay down.
Thanks for having played. I hope you enjoyed it!

03/05/2012 ~ Server ~ New adsl line.
Since the adsl line is being changed, the server will stay down.

17/04/2012 ~ Server ~ Players ranking.
Created a formula to evaluate the players behaviour.

24/03/2012 ~ Server ~ Custom faces allowed.
Found and tested a way to allow trusted players to use their customized face.

21/03/2012 ~ Server ~ Cheaters around.
Cause of security lacks in the game (thanks BIS!), a cheater and then his friend ruined the sessions being played more and more times.

01/03/2012 ~ Server ~ Solved scoring mistake.
Found an error in kills counting when the players are in a vehicle.

14/02/2012 ~ Site ~ Online.
The site is on the net. Yeah!

11/02/2012 ~ Server ~ Online.
The server is available.

06/02/2012 ~ Site ~ Design.
Changed colours; the previous style hadn't enough contrast.

05/02/2012 ~ Server ~ Enchanced stats.
Upgraded the program OFPStat and the fwstat engine.
Provided a new login procedure for protected users and moderators.

29/01/2012 ~ Site ~ Preparing the pages.
Created the structure of the site.
Under revision the fwstat engine and the program OFPStat.

01/01/2012 ~ Site+Server ~ Planning to back.
Retaken in hand the project to make the statistics browsable.

08/09/2011 ~ Server ~ Break.
Decided to bring the server offline, after about 6 months in the net.

30/05/2011 ~ Server ~ Statistics enabled.
Born of the fwstat engine (piece of j0e_pack collection): mission progress and players behaviour are registered while playing.
Made the link with OFPStat to increase the details of the stats.

04/05/2011 ~ Server ~ Monitoring.
Born of the program OFPStat: I'm able to log the server activities and save them regularly; in the same time, the first "raw" statistics are kept.

01/02/2011 ~ Server ~ Start of the GameSpy experience.
The dedicated server is online.

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