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As you probably have noticed, some nicks, in the statistics, are composed by strange letters. The reason is that the ofp game uses the ascii table instead of the unicode version and doesn't support other charsets than the western one by default.

When a user with another alphabet (russian, chinese and so on) connects, the chars of his nick are handled with the western charset and the result is a sequence of crazy letters.

In this moment, the only workaround is the association of the garbled nicks to the original ones in unicode.

On the other hand, if you see a black rhombus with a question mark inside, it depends on the php function that doesn't translate all letters into the html unicode.
Some ranges of ascii chars (for example 150-160) stay untouched, so with the browser in utf-8 are not shown.

The following char is shown as an 's' with caron only in iso-8859-1: .
This one also in utf-8 and iso-8859-15: š.

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