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I don't remember when I started playing ofp on gamespy, but, everytime I joined a session, I felt unsatisfied of the missions: too many bugs and an environment not really enjoyable; not in the way most of the players and I were expecting.
For this reason I setup my server and created my version of the revive engine.
After some months, I discovered the fwatch executable and a new way to transfer the data between the scripts.
The j0e_pack collection born.

At today, the missions, revised and uploaded on my server, will have:
  » always the max clients allowed in slots (see the server details);
  » the revive capability;
  » the fwstat engine;
  » moderators;
  » protected users;

Not less important: you'll find only COOPerative maps!

If you see the prefix "jrc9-" on a mission, then it has been converted and applied my code. While in game, you can check the notes in the briefing too.

Revive - how to
When the body of a killed teammate changes into a covered corpse, stay on it -or next to it- for about 10 seconds to bring your friend alive again.
Of course, watch out for enemies around there.

Revive - limitations
You can choose one of the following variants:
  » "NONE": your life is precious, only one like in real world;
  » "FREE": unlimited lives (default);
  » "5 LIFES": self explanatory;
  » "5 MINS": your team has 5 minutes to save you, then you will stay die;
  » "MEDIC": only medics can revive others, protect them;

Revive - gameover
When all players die, the session is considered over and stop.
In the statistics, it is counted in the column "LOST".

As wrote above, at the beginning my server worked with the only revive engine, a young version. Time later, thanks to the fwatch executable, author Kegetys, and another method of communication, inspirated to the CoC network, I was able to save the players behaviour and the mission end (aka statistics).

All the code was organized in subfolders and collected in a structure called j0e_pack.

Due to the presence of cheaters and teamkillers, I also implemented a moderator console with a login procedure. In this way, registered users can protect their nicks and the gameplay without being the admin.

Fwatch, fwstat and OFPStat
The fwatch executable extends the ofp code functionality, allowing my scripts to work with the filesystem.
The fwstat subfolder stores the result of the mission into files.
Then my program OFPStat loads and reformats their data together with the activities coming from the server console.
The whole chain is running realtime during your fight!

Missions compatibility
All servers can host the missions with the j0e_pack collection, because the fwatch presence is automatically detected. If it's missing, the game doesn't produce any files.

Fwatch dependancy
The following features, of the j0e_pack, will be disabled without fwatch:
  » no scores to read in OFPStat;
  » no moderators;
  » nicks protection off;
All the rest will work.

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