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My nickname is j0e and this area of the site is reserved to my ofp server.
Below a few questions for a quick introduction.

» No more GameSpy after 31th May 2014!
A lot of (if not all) games, working with this famous master browser, will stop having their servers listed.
But it seems that an alternative is being developped.
Follow the thread at the BIS' forum: End of GameSpy.

» What are we talking about?
The game is Operation Flashpoint, a tactical warfare simulator.
The version, I'm currently hosting and playing, is Resistance 1.96.
See the server details.

» Requirements to join?
Respect, fairplay and of course the right version of the product.
I'm not interested in your confidence with the game and the fight in general.

» Reason of that server's name?
First, you will play only COOPerative missions.
Then, I'm used to revise each uploaded mission, so you can benefit of the REVIVE script. When you die, your team can bring you alive again.

» How are the statistics stored?
Thanks to the fwatch executable running over the server, they are saved regularly into files and reformatted by my program OFPStat.

» How often are the statistics updated?
Every weekend is my intention.
Check the date at the top of this page.

» Well, are you a mission maker?
Not really, not yet.
I retrieve the missions from the game folder itself, the other servers and the ofp communities. I modify them by optimizing the internal code, the gameplay and appling my collection of scripts in which there is the revive capability.
An important point: independently of the mission type, there will be always the max client allowed in slots.
See the server details.

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