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Location: Italy
Name in GameSpy: ReviveCoop j0e *nomod*
IP/UDP: x.x.x.x/2302
Version: Operation Flashpoint Resistance 1.96
OS of the host: Windows
Network bandwidth up/down (bps): 1024/512
Max clients allowed: 9
Votation threshold: 40%
Max custom files size (bytes): 64000

Mods and addons are NOT allowed.
Custom sounds will be IGNORED by other clients.
The faces, instead, will work only if AUTHORIZED.

Cheaters, teamkillers and lonewolfs will be kicked.

/!\ From 22:00 to 23:00 (GMT+1), the server is under backup, so expect lag.

» How to connect to the server?
Use the internal browser of the game.
Enter the multiplayer area, then click on the "address" label to switch from lan to internet. After few seconds, you will see a list of available servers: if mine is online will be there too. Select it and join.
This is the GameSpy network.

» Why no mods or addons?
Because the server loads the original version of the game and they could compromise its stability. I personally experienced random crashes during the mission progress. Really unconfortable!
I'm sure you know how to temporary disable them before joining my server.

» What about faces and sounds?
Sorry, I found that people mainly uses custom sounds to disturb other players, so the server won't load your voices.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the upload restriction applies to the faces too. In this case, you will be seen with a white face. I'm investigating a workaround to allow them.
From 24/03/2012, the authorized users will be able to load their custom faces.
/!\ Remember to respect the max custom files size, otherwise the server will automatically kick you.

» Ping, lag and desync?
For a decent gameplay, you should have a ping lower than 300 ms.
Many players around the net stay between 100 and 200 ms.
However, having a good ping isn't enough. Host with a variable ping, maybe due to the overflow of his node, could suffer the desync too.
The lag is a visual defect in the movement of the units: they do little jumps.
The desync, instead, is a drastic interruption of the update link: the affected client sees the environment changing suddenly around him, like teleported units.

» The server doesn't let play, what happened?
It's an unsolved bug of the version 1.96.
If the last admin doesn't logoff correctly, the game still waits for his clearance to start the selected mission. If it isn't enough, the admin votation gets locked.
The only chance is the arrival of a super-admin, it looks like: *Admin*.

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