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◊ The server
◊ Players stats
◊ Missions stats
◊ Won Missions

◊ Events

◊ ToDo list

◊ Old players stats
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Focus on:
◊ revive and fwatch
◊ player's nick
◊ setup a dedicated server

Extended details about:
◊ missions
◊ players and medals

Suggested, simply in mind and planned modifications:

[idea] let the server update automatically its status on the site;
[plan] add a visitors counter;
[plan] make nicks showing the glyph correctly in the utf-8 charset of html;

[plan] allow custom faces only for authorized users;
[idea] add medals depending on statistics achievements;
[plan] allow the custom face in the game but not the sounds;
[plan] create a section to explain the column fwnote in won missions;
[plan] associate garbled nicks to real nicks with respect of unicode chars;
[plan] complete php code to include extended details on players and missions;
[plan] create the page to leave me the messages;

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